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Tree Planting Pittosporum – West Coast Tree Co

Over the past year, with all the rapid fires leaving ash in its wake, many people are rebuilding. West Coast Tree is here to help chose the perfect tree for your specific style and design of your yard. One of the most highly planted trees in our local area are the lovely ever green, Pittosporum, once called “cheese-woods”. Originating in South East Asia slowly gravitated as an American West Coast favorite due to its hardiness.

Pittosporum come in a variety of sizes stemming from hedge to thick trees growing 2-30 m high. have a history of being used as fence lining. They dance beautiful bell shaped flowers with a deep fragrance that lingers like fresh cut roses in the spring. Along with deep woodsy fruit with a sticky exterior. Whirled shaped leaves can be sheered, cut to shape, or let to grow wildly.

When you work with a specialist, like an Arborist, you get more than just a trimmed tree. Joe Christman insures the safety, health, and life of your tree by educating you on the specific needs of each type of tree so that you can take care of your investment. Lush cleanly landscaped yards are favored and improve the over all value of your property.