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Thousand Oaks Tree Removal

West Coast Tree Co. is the company to contact if a tree is invading your space, causing arguments with your neighbors, or you just want a clean slate. As a locally owned and operated provider of tree removal in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, and the greater Ventura County area, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services available for over 30 years. You can rely on our knowledge and experience, and we’re always here to help, even in an emergency. Assisting you is a priority, and we intend to keep that promise.

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Does My Tree Need To Be Removed?

While you may be hesitant to remove your trees, at some point it may be a necessity. But how do you know when it’s time to finally let that fern pine go?

If you’re experiencing anyt of the the following situations it may be time to consult a professional:

It’s not always easy to spot the telltale symptoms of a sick, dying, or otherwise problematic tree. We have the expertise to inspect your property and identify potentially hazardous trees. Get in touch with West Coast Tree Co. today to learn more about our tree removal service in Thousand Oaks.

We also offer simple stump grinding services to ensure that unsightly stumps are removed, preventing future problems such as sucker growth or pest infestations in the area

How Are Trees Removed?

Different trees require varying methods in their removal. This can be due to their location, their height, and other contributing factors. Because of this, removing a tree requires a unique strategy each time it’s done. That’s why it’s a great idea to work with the tree care professionals at West Coast Tree Co., who will be able to utilize different techniques based on your needs and the layout of your property.

Below, we break down the four most popular methods of removing a tree:


Felling is the most common method of tree removal. This time-honored technique has tree care professionals chopping at the tree’s foundation until the trunk snaps. The method is straightforward; a chainsaw or ax is all that’s needed, and the workers never have to leave the ground.

However, cutting down trees can be a complicated process. For this reason, it is important to know exactly where and how to cut the tree’s base. Not to mention the fact that a tree that topples poses a significant risk to nearby people or buildings.


The following strategy involves using a climbing method. Cutting and removing sections of a tree from the top down is preferred to chopping the base so that it falls over. They rig a cable to the tree, climb it, and cut off chunks of trunk and branches. If necessary, they can then lower the debris.

Climbing is slower than felling but gives workers more direct control. If the offending tree is located too close to other buildings or cannot be cut down without causing damage, this may be necessary.


Using the same principle as climbing, tree care professionals cut the tree down in sections and remove them using a bucket removal. Rather than using traditional tree-climbing equipment, however, a bucket truck (also called a cherry picker) can be used to safely elevate workers to the appropriate height above the tree for sawing. If the tree in question is dying or too weak to support climbers, this can be a lifesaver.


The removal process can be finished with or without the use of a crane, but that is our last resort. When our arborists determine that it is too risky to fell trees, climb trees, or use buckets, this is when a crane is used. The use of a large crane to lift the tree from the ground rather than human laborers accomplishes the same goal.

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