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Expert Vegetation Management for Reliable Home Fire Protection

If your home is surrounded by tall shade trees or attractive green shrubbery, you want to maintain the health of all your trees. By engaging the professional services of expert arborists and vegetation management teams, you can keep your trees and shrubs healthy. You can also help ensure excellent protection from fires that can start when vegetation grows too close to your house.

What If a Tree Is Leaning Near or Against Your House?

If a tree on your front lawn or in your backyard is leaning near or against your house, you should consult a tree care service immediately. If the tree is small to mid-size and just inclined toward a wall of your house, call your local arborists. An experienced tree maintenance team can often prune, brace, and redirect the growth of the tree.

Yet, if the tree is mature and leaning toward your home at an angle of more than 20 degrees, it usually needs removal. Especially if this tree has dead leaves or weakened and falling branches, you should seek expert tree care services. Also, if your locale is experiencing a dry season or drought conditions, dead vegetation near your home can be a fire hazard.

What If Tree Branches Are Near or Touching Overhead Wires?

Examine the trunks or branches of any tall trees in your yard to determine their position in relation to overhead wires. If they are very near or touching these power cables or wires, contact your local tree care specialists for service. These trees should be pruned or at least have their branches trimmed as fire safety protection for your home.

Keep Your Outdoor Grill Safely Away from Vegetation and Dead Leaves

Always use and store your outdoor grill, fuel, and lighting devices at a safe distance from your lawn’s vegetation. Ensure that seasonal dead, fallen leaves are collected and stored for removal well away from your grilling area. Many vegetation management companies also provide leaf collection and removal services for their customers.

Arborists and lawn care teams that do not offer this service option are frequently affiliated with natural debris removal services. Vegetation management specialists are well-trained and experienced in the service area of fire safety and fire protection. Their goal is to protect your home’s exterior areas from the outbreak of fire along with maintaining its outstanding beauty and curb appeal.

Expert Vegetation Management for Exterior Home Beauty and Fire Safety

For over 30 years, West Coast Tree Co. in Thousand Oaks, CA has provided excellent tree care and vegetation management services to clients. If you live in or near Malibu, SFV, Thousand Oaks and the surrounding regions, contact our expert licensed arborists and tree maintenance team today. You can call our specialists or contact us via the company website for top-rated regular and emergency tree services.