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Post Thomas Fire Tree Safety Program

The life of Joe Christman is no sticky business. What Mr. Christman does best is identify tree safety issues surrounding properties. As a 25 year veteran certified Arborist, Mr. Christman finds solutions to the toughest of situations. That is why Mr. Christman developed the Fire Tree Safety Program.

Often people self landscape not taking into consideration the distance apart Palm trees need to be planted to insure space for growth and multiplication. As the Palm tree grows proper trimming techniques insure the health of the tree and the safety of the property. With out proper tree trimming knowledge an entire Palm tree could be lost leaving heavy dead wood creating a fire hazard.

High wires climbing through tall Palm Trees are no stranger to potential flames spreading to near by structures. It is imperative to insure there are no branches touching or hanging over structures as this creates a bridge for fire to transfer.

For more information or to speak with a Certified Arborist visit the link below.

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