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California Sycamore Tree

California Sycamore Tree

Plantanus Racemosa, with it’s brittle brown husk revealing white soft bark the California Sycamore grows tall and broad with star twinkling green bustles of leaves. It’s greatest glory in the Spring with green bluffs dancing in the wind. Plantanus Racemosa, native to California with the largest living in Oakdale called “The California Big Tree” and is 106 feet high.

A certified Arborist can advise on the best tree care for the individuals needs of each tree by specific species. Joe Christman has over 25 years of experience working with every type of tree obstacle imaginable. His job is risky, but he gets it done safely because his entire team is safety trained and he uses top quality safety equipment. To protect his clients he is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

As fall approaches us we come across brittle limbs due to drought. Brisk Fall winds are among us. Raining down are pieces of these beautiful California Sycamore Trees. Some pieces are larger than others! Don’t wait until you have a tree removal problem. Insure the health and life of your trees with a FREE Tree Safety Evaluation. Joe Christman is available 24/7 at West Coast Tree, he can answer any tricky tree question.

Only trust the best with the life of your trees.