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Over the past year, with all the rapid fires leaving ash in its wake, many people are rebuilding. West Coast Tree is here to help chose the perfect tree for your specific style and design of your yard. One of the most highly planted trees in our local area are the lovely ever green, Pittosporum, once called "cheese-woods". Originating in South East Asia slowly gravitated as an American West Coast favorite due to its hardiness.

tree plantingPittosporum come in a variety of sizes stemming from hedge to thick trees growing 2-30 m high. have a history of being used as fence lining. They dance beautiful bell shaped flowers with a deep fragrance that lingers like fresh cut roses in the spring. Along with deep woodsy fruit with a sticky exterior. Whirled shaped leaves can be sheered, cut to shape, or let to grow wildly.

When you work with a specialist, like an Arborist, you get more than just a trimmed tree. Joe Christman insures the safety, health, and life of your tree by educating you on the specific needs of each type of tree so that you can take care of your investment. Lush cleanly landscaped yards are favored and improve the over all value of your property.



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California Sycamore Tree

California Sycamore TreePlantanus Racemosa, with it’s brittle brown husk revealing white soft bark the California Sycamore grows tall and broad with star twinkling green bustles of leaves. It’s greatest glory in the Spring with green bluffs dancing in the wind. Plantanus Racemosa, native to California with the largest living in Oakdale called “The California Big Tree” and is 106 feet high.

A certified Arborist can advise on the best tree care for the individuals needs of each tree by specific species. Joe Christman has over 25 years of experience working with every type of tree obstacle imaginable. His job is risky, but he gets it done safely because his entire team is safety trained and he uses top quality safety equipment. To protect his clients he is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

As fall approaches us we come across brittle limbs due to drought. Brisk Fall winds are among us. Raining down are pieces of these beautiful California Sycamore Trees. Some pieces are larger than others! Don’t wait until you have a tree removal problem. Insure the health and life of your trees with a FREE Tree Safety Evaluation. Joe Christman is available 24/7 at West Coast Tree, he can answer any tricky tree question.

Only trust the best with the life of your trees.

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Happy Birthday Joe Christman!

You are only as young as your spirit. Joe loves hiking through the woods and surrounding hills to our beautiful beach coves here in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. He brings his dog Lucy along who is trained to keep Joe safe from rattle snakes. We all love seeing Joe's photos of his adventures, like below, our Arborist finds himself in-caved with a dead tree.

It reminds us of how quickly we lose trees in these drought seasons. Luckily we received a splash of water last week that freshened up the earth. Joe would tell us to take a good look at tree tops. Shallow roots with tall tops can topple over. New rain can loosen roots causing an emergency tree service call. Preventative measures can reduce risks.

Joe in Tree

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Post Thomas Fire Tree Safety Program

The life of Joe Christman is no sticky business. What Mr. Christman does best is identify tree safety issues surrounding properties. As a 25 year veteran certified Arborist, Mr. Christman finds solutions to the toughest of situations. That is why Mr. Christman developed the Fire Tree Safety Program.

Often people self landscape not taking into consideration the distance apart Palm trees need to be planted to insure space for growth and multiplication. As the Palm tree grows proper trimming techniques insure the health of the tree and the safety of the property. With out proper tree trimming knowledge an entire Palm tree could be lost leaving heavy dead wood creating a fire hazard.

High wires climbing through tall Palm Trees are no stranger to potential flames spreading to near by structures. It is imperative to insure there are no branches touching or hanging over structures as this creates a bridge for fire to transfer.

For more information or to speak with a Certified Arborist visit the link below.

West Coast Tree

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Diaphorina citri


At the size of a grain of rice, an adult at 3 to 4 mm, this winged insect can decimate fields of citrus trees. Widespread in Western coastal areas the Diaphorina citri also known as the Asian citrus psyllid can cause a serious bacterial disease called “Greening Disease” or HLB (Huanglongbing) among citrus trees. 

Asian citrus psyllid feeds on the veins of citrus tree leaves. At the tips of growing leaf shoots eggs are laid. One female is capable of laying up to 800 eggs per life time. Populations are higher in the warmer months.  An adult life cycle can be up to several months. 

Citrus trees whose leaves start looking strange, malformed fruit, and bitter-tasting fruit there may be a serious problem. Sticky traps can be placed in trees to test for the pest. Trees that are inflected with HLB will die. The only way to treat the disease is to cut the infected trees down before neighboring trees are infected.  














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Fire Prevention / Brush Clearance


April showers bring May flowers. Along with that, comes a lush green of weeds growing alongside your home. As the heat wave comes in with Summer, the weeds become dry placing your property at risk for fire.

All counties have ordinances involving fire safety. If you reside in Ventura or LA Counties please click the link below for specific details involving your residence. Weed abatement must be done on a yearly basis before July 1st in most areas or the homeowner could be subjected to large fines.

Our calendar will be booking up fast! Contact us early to get your property in for brush clearance before it is too late. You will save money in the long run and enjoy the aesthetics of your property after the job is done.

Ventura County Resource

LA County Resource

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April 27th Celebrate Arbor Day!


Around the world, people get together to plant trees in honor of spring. Trees create an ecosystem for birds and bugs. They give us fresh air and beautiful shade during the hot summer months. Our planet suffers every time someone decides to cut down a tree. Most people do not understand the value of tree’s on their property or the commitment it takes to keep them healthy. It is imperative that an Arborist examines your trees yearly to ensure the life of your trees. Just like the human body, trees can contract diseases that can lead to death. A good tree doctor can save your trees and your pocketbook from the high costs of emergency tree removal. For a free consultation contact us today!

Season Changes

Spring into Tree Trimming!

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"What the heck happened here? Where's the gorgeous trees?"

Our once beautiful oasis of California is starting to appear like a wasteland due to the absence of greenery. There is only one solution to the ecosystems in urban Southern California that are being destroyed in large numbers by the infamous polyphagous beetle who loves to spread disease among Sycamore and Willow trees. Cities and homeowners are dealing with the epidemic by removing trees. The problem can be identified and solved early on with a few simple steps.

Identifying your forestry landscaping has a problem is your first step to avoid costly removal charges. If your trees become brittle, fall over, or seem as if they are not getting enough water such as curled leaves it is time for you to be concerned. The more we remove trees the less likely our beautiful state will continue to smell and feel as pleasant as it does today. ("The trees that make Southern California shady and green are dying. Fast", 2017) Most people when they notice their trees are struggling contact the least expensive landscaper to quickly remove them before any further property damage happens. With a few simple steps, costly removal charges or emergency extraction can be avoided.

Brittle trees mean there is a problem that may be insect related. The polyphagous shot hole borer beetle leaves tiny holes in the bark of the tree. (Khan, 2014) There will be a powder similar to sawdust surrounding each hole. Stains of sap may also be noticeable. These beetles leave behind bacteria that infects and kills trees. The beetles are moving fast destroying thousands of trees between the Mexican border and Los Angeles ("The trees that make Southern California shady and green are dying. Fast", 2017). Residents are quickly being left with little to no shade due to the need to remove trees that have become dangerous due to brittle dead limbs.

The solution is to call in the experts! A professional licensed, bonded, and insured Arborist is able to quickly diagnose your trees illness. At West Coast Tree, we would prefer to save your trees than to cut them down. Yearly examination of your forestry landscaping will ensure the optimal health and pressure the precious shade on your property. If you have exterminated all of your trees on your property it is simple to have them replaced and maintained properly by contacting an Arborist. In the long run, you will save money and the environment by putting the time into the health of your trees.

If we all work together California can become beautiful again. It takes effort on all of our parts to ensure that we educate our future generation on the necessity of maintaining the health of our trees. Here at West Coast Tree, we offer a free annual diagnosis. If you have a tree that is so far gone that it must be removed we offer discounts on replacement trees. We are here to answer all of your questions and continue to work hard to save our ecosystem.beetle tracks


Khan, A. (2014, June 05). What to do if the polyphagous shot hole borer attacks your trees. Retrieved March 30, 2018, from

The trees that make Southern California shady and green are dying. Fast. (2017, April 19). Retrieved March 30, 2018, from

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Buyer Beware!
Image may contain: text
Image may contain: text


The Ventura County District Attorney's Office says investigators from their office and the State of California swept through 44 Thomas Fire disaster sites to make sure the people doing clean up and repair work are in compliance with the law.

The compliance sweep happened a week ago and they contacted 55 business entities working at the 44 sites.

The DA says all but five companies were in compliance.

They say those five were ordered to stop work as a result of violations of contractor license laws or worker's comp laws.

DA Greg Totten says they're pleased that the vast majority of companies are operating properly but they will be continually checking to make that the companies are in compliance.

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