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5 Ways Planting Trees Improves Your Commercial Landscape

Commercial landscaping involves many things including planning, designing, creating and maintaining the outdoor spaces of government and business buildings. Shrubbery, stones, irrigation systems and other plants that align with a business’ image may be added. In addition to contributing to well-kept landscapes for commercial buildings, trees are planted strategically throughout to provide enhancements. If you have a commercial property, you may want to consider making trees part of your landscaping. Here are five reasons to do so.

1. Planting Trees Increases Employee Retention

Studies have proven numerous times that companies that make green space a priority have higher employee retention rates. Having indoor plants along with trees that provide plenty of shade to induce relaxation decreases stress on the job, making the work environment more enticing. A positive work environment leads to increased productivity and higher-quality work.

2. Trees Protect Your Building

Flooding is one of the leading causes of property damage and loss. Trees can stave off flooding because their roots will absorb much of the water to keep it from ever making its way to your property. Trees are also useful for staving off soil erosion because when the water hits the leaves, it drops down slowly onto the dirt. Water that trickles is not likely to erode the soil. When there is no soil erosion, chances of flooding are even less since the soil can also absorb the water along with the tree roots.

3. Trees on Your Property Show You Want to Protect the Environment

Over 30% of consumers say that they want to play a role in improving the environment, and that number continues to grow. Environmentally conscious consumers say they are choosing to do business with like-minded companies as part of their initiative to make the environment better. If you plant several trees around your property, you send the message that protecting the environment is a high priority, and that will help you attract environmentally conscious consumers.

4. Trees Provide Privacy

Customers and employees alike want to conduct business privately. When customers and employees are always being watched, it can make them feel tense. Trees provide privacy in addition to shade.

5. Trees Help You Save on Energy Bills

When making business decisions, you are always looking for ways to maximize productivity and cut costs. One cost you want to cut is the cost of energy, and planting trees will help you accomplish this well. Planting trees will enable you to save as much as 50% on your energy bills. In order for you to have success, you need to make sure you plant the correct trees in the correct places.

Plant deciduous trees on the east, south and west sides of your building. Since the sun rises in the east and settles in the west, these three sides of your building will receive the sunshine, with the south and west sides receiving the most. Deciduous trees retain their leaves during the warmer months, and these leaves will provide ample shade, making the indoor temperature comfortable without needing to rely too heavily on air conditioning. Plant evergreens on the north side of your building. Evergreens retain their leaves all year, so they will provide a buffer against wintry winds. Since deciduous trees will lose their leaves during the fall and winter, the sun will be able to shine on your building, so the indoor temperature will increase without the need to constantly run your heating system.

Working with a professional arborist, you can plant trees to enhance your landscape and improve your professional image. If your commercial property is located in Thousand Oaks, CA or nearby areas, contact us at West Coast Tree Co. for commercial tree services.