5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Annual Tree Maintenance

Trees Need Routine Pruning

Pruning is the process of cutting away dead or overgrown branches. They negatively impact a tree’s health and can harm your landcaping. Furthermore, pruning encourages trees to grow healthy and strong, fortifying their branches and increasing their resistance against disease.
Combined with regular trimmings, pruning can ensure that your trees are always healthy.

Prevent Tree Failure

Did you recently plant trees on your lawn? If so, then you may wonder how they’re growing or see signs they’re struggling. Tree failure can occur when saplings do not have adequate nutrients from the soil or they become infected. Inspection promises early detection of disease, structural damage, and potential threats that could hinder your trees’ growth or shorten their life span.

Enhance Pest Control

Unfortunately, trees are an appealing home for many types of pests in Southern California. Regular inspection can identify risks and even spot potential signs of a growing infestation. Regular tree treatments can prevent pests from overtaking your yard and harming your trees and other foliage. If pests have already invaded a tree, a professional can advise you on the best way to address the problem while minimizing damage to the tree.

Trees are beautiful additions to any home’s lawn, but they require special care and attention from professionals. While you may think a tree is able to fare well enough on its own, any tree can benefit from annual inspection. From preventing pests to improving your home’s safety, here are five reasons to consider making annual tree inspection a part of your home’s maintenance plan.

Boost Curb Appeal

Trees that aren’t maintained can quickly overwhelm a lawn and distract from your home’s beauty. Inspection identifies opportunities to improve your curb appeal through services such as tree trimming. You can discuss potential maintenance treatments with a tree expert to ensure your trees stay healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

Prevent Weather-Related Damage

Without annual inspection, you may not be aware of the risk certain trees pose to your home. Severe weather storms or strong winds could put your home and safety at risk. Tree professionals can carefully inspect each tree to ensure they do not pose serious risks to your home. They can also develop plans to resolve any threats while minimizing damage to the tree. Older trees, leaning trees, or trees with excessive branch growth benefit from annual inspection to protect homeowners and nearby properties.

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